Lynn H.

Center Director

Lynn joined CCCC in 2006 bringing 30 years of experience in early childhood education along with a BA from the University of Minnesota and a graduate certificate in Early Childhood Policy. She enjoys seeing the staff come together as a team to provide the best experience for kids. She loves the enthusiasm, candor and wisdom of the children at CCCC. When not at work Lynn enjoys spending time with her friends and performing with a women’s singing group called the Pistachio Singers–yes, they’re all a little nuts!


Nancy D.

Assistant Director

Nancy began working in early childhood education in 1972 with the majority of her career at CCCC. She brings a BS in Elementary Education with a minor in Early Childhood.   Nancy loves working with the staff, parents and children at CCCC. As she says, “CCCC has been a very special place for me over the last 34 years for so many reasons that start with all the unique children that come through our doors every day to the daily interaction with people of all ages from infants to grandparents.” In her free time, Nancy enjoys traveling, reading, exercising and spending time with her grandchildren


Nancie W.

Program Assistant and Infant/Toddler Coordinator

Nancie began at CCCC in 1993. In addition to her experience, Nancie has an Associate of Applied Science in Child Development and a Child Care Administration Advanced Technical Certificate. She loves working with children at CCCC, especially watching them transition from being an infant to a preschooler; “I like helping them grow and learn to be successful, from an infant that learns to crawl, walk and feed themselves to a preschooler who can have a conversation with me.” On the weekends, Nancie likes to enjoy leisurely mornings reading the paper and having coffee with her husband. She also enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, gardening, doing sudoku, cross stitching, crocheting and watching pro football.


Sheryl S.

Food Service Manager

Sheryl has been at CCCC since 1974! In the early days she worked as an assistant teacher in different classrooms prior to becoming qualified as a food service manager. Every day Sheryl prepares fresh meals for everyone at CCCC.  The children love her food–she maintains it’s because food is better when you’re sharing it with friends! In her free time, Sheryl enjoys her grandchildren and taking trips.


Roxanne V.

Teacher, Cub Room

Roxanne has been at CCCC since 1984 and served in several of the classrooms prior to working with the infants. She has taken  classes at Hennepin Technical Center and University of Minnesota and has her AA degree in Child Development. She finds her job very rewarding and loves to see how excited the babies are when they come to the center each day. When not in the Cub Room, Roxanne enjoys spending time with her husband, taking bike rides, hosting barbecues and visiting friends and family.


Kari S.

Teacher, Cub Room

Kari began at CCCC in September of 1992 and at that time already had nine years of childcare experience. She finds her work very rewarding; “I love being a part of the process of helping and nurturing each child to grow into a happy and successful person.” Outside of work, Kari enjoys spending time with her husband and her cat, going on walks and bike rides, relaxing and going to coffee shops.


Phyllis T.

Teacher, Teddy Bear Room

Phyllis joined CCCC in 2009 bringing 19 years of experience with her. She has an BA degree in Early Childhood Development from Metro State University.  Phyllis likes working with children because “I enjoy talking to them and observing them play. It gives me great pleasure to see them happy and overcome any obstacles.”


Josh W.

Child Care Aide

Josh has been at CCCC for over 4 years. He enjoys teaching children through activities and through play and likes to watch them progress and grow as individuals. In his free time, Josh likes to work out and play video games and spend time with his wife and two children, Addie and Henry.

Linda W.

Assistant Teacher

Linda W joined CCCC the summer of ’16.  After working in her mother’s child care back when she was a teenager, Linda has continued working with kids of all ages, both here and in the public schools for over 17 years. She’s always liked working with children and making kids smile.  She says ”it makes me feel like I made an impression on them.”   As far as her spare time, she doesn’t have any; “I’m a grandmother, I’m always busy.”

Susan T.

Teacher, Love Bug Room

Susan has been in the Love Bug room at CCCC since 1987. In describing her experience working with children, Susan says, “I have great faith in children’s abilities when given a rich environment to explore, providing opportunities to get messy and dirty. While doing this I like to give them guidance, direction and a secure place to challenge their abilities.” Outside of the classroom, Susan likes to spend time outside biking and hiking and being with her grandchildren.

Avie W

Avie W.

Teacher, Love Bug Room

Avie has been at CCCC for over 20 years. She has worked in many different parts of the center, including being Lead Teacher in the infant program and part of the administrative staff.  She loves being part of the Love Bug team and finds it most rewarding to watch a child discover something new and know that she has played a role in that learning.  People are amazed to learn that Avie, who looks so young, has a  daughter in her twenties!


Regina B.

Teacher, Happy Face Room

Regina has 40 years of experience in early childhood education. In her teaching, she likes to create an environment that allows the children to be curious and occupied with activity. Regina says working with children keeps her young at heart! At home Regina likes to watch movies with her friends.


Sumaiya A

Teacher, Cool Cat Room

Sumaiya joined the CCCC team in 2012.  She is just finishing her time attending the university to accomplish her long term goal of working  as a social worker.  She loves the kids at CCCC because they are fun to be around.  She has a beautiful preschool daughter of her own. They love spending time together, and even had a girls weekend together!


Juana M.

Teacher, Cool Cat Room

With over 10 years of experience in early childhood education Juana has been at CCCC since 2007. She teaches and uses her bilingual skills to interpret Spanish when needed. She loves the children she works with and knows that even if she is sad, being around them will make her happy. Outside of CCCC, Juana loves spending time with her family, exercising and cooking.



Teacher, Rainbow Room

Darnell has worked with children for over 11 years, 9 of those years at CCCC. Darnell enjoys the Center because of the youth that he works with and because of the great staff. He appreciates the opportunity he has to have a positive effect on a child’s life. On the weekends, Darnell like to be with his family, eat great food and sleep in!


Alex W.

Full-time Sub

Alex joined CCCC in July 2002. Alex says that in addition to the daily hugs he receives, he enjoys working with children because “I love seeing them learn or discover something for the first time. It is really cool seeing them grow throughout the weeks, months and years.” When not at the Center, Alex likes to play sports, run, eat good food, spend time with friends and family, especially his nephew, and likes to get involved with politics.

 Natalie Nauman's web pictures CCCC

Natalie N

Assistant Teacher, Love Bug Room

Natalie is one of our assistant teachers at CCCC. She joined our team with 11 years of experience as a substitute teacher and has a Certificate in Child Development. She loves interacting with the children and taking them on fun field trips. She loves reading with the children and seeing the preschool artwork. Natalie says, “We can all make a colorful world together!” Natalie’s favorite time of year is summer, and in her free time she enjoys kayaking and paddle boarding.  Natalie  volunteers  with a non-profit group called Bridging Hearts.


Sarah T.

Assistant Teacher, Happy Face Room

Sarah joined CCCC in the summer of 2015 and has been working in childcare for over 10 years. She loves working with the different children and seeing the cultural diversity represented at the center. She loves to watch the kids grow and learn year after year, as their minds open up to new experiences and learning. When she is not at CCCC, Sarah loves to read, check out a good movie, and travel (5 countries and counting!)


Sidney B.

Teacher, Tiger Room

Sidney has been with CCCC for over 5 years and has an Associates Degree. She enjoys managing the room and planning projects for the children. She loves creating new sensory products to enhance the children’s experience at the center. For Sidney, the children offer perspective on what is really important in life. When not at the center, Sidney is studying at the U of M or taking care of her own little boy, Rowan.


Janea J.

Office Assistant

Janea joined CCCC this year and has been a great help in the office. She believes all children are precious and innocent and deserve nothing but love. She loves being a part of their lives and being able to give them lots of love. When she is not at CCCC, she enjoys spending time with her own children, reading and catching up on sleep.


Chynna B.

Substitute Teacher/Classroom Aide

Chynna joined CCCC this year and loves working in the classrooms. She enjoys spending time with the children, reading to them and teaching them. She loves working with children because they bring such happiness and hope to her. She says it is a beautiful and inspiring opportunity that she learns from every day. When she is not at CCCC she enjoys reading, singing and spending time with friends.

Linda S.

Substitute Teacher/Classroom Aide

Linda came to CCCC this year with 20 years of experience in early child care. She is a certified Pera and loves to teach children and watch them grow.