Cub Room (Under 16 months)

Community Child Care Center
Staff:Roxanne V., Debra G., Jokish B., Kari S., Phyllis W.

Our infant room schedule is individualized to meet the different needs of each baby. For example, babies sleep when they are tired and are fed when they are hungry.

Diapers are changed every two hours (sooner if needed).

Breakfast is served in the kitchen until 8:30 am. The babies who eat table foods will also be given lunch and afternoon snack.
This flexible scheduling reflects the importance we place on a baby’s early need to feel trust and attachment through responsive care giving. When a baby cries and a caregiver responds, that child learns that they are safe, and that their needs matter. A baby also learns that when they communicate, they will be responded to. This is part of the first basic lesson for a happy, healthy child – the lesson of attachment.

Each child has an individualized curriculum plan and works on appropriate developmental milestones. The classroom teachers create this plan in collaboration with each family.

Cub Room

Children are given opportunities throughout each day to explore their environment. Interesting materials encourage children to explore using all of their senses. The physical milestones of rolling, sitting, crawling and even walking are supported and encouraged in a safe, yet challenging way. A language- rich environment is provided through singing, book reading, and reflecting on the children’s experience. Children also experience the world through walks both inside and outside the building.