Love Bug Room (33 months – 3 years)

LoveBugsWelcome to the Love Bug Room!

Staff:  Susan T., Natalie N., Chanel S., Avie W.

We would like to welcome you and your child to the Love Bug Room, our first preschool room at Community Child Care Center. We encourage you to talk with the staff in the mornings or when you pick up in the afternoon if you have any questions regarding the center or your child’s day. One of our staff is usually available between 1:00 and 2:30pm if a conversation by phone would be helpful.
We encourage you to talk to your child in a positive way about their new experience as a preschooler. In order to help with a successful transition we ask that you bring:
Love Bugs Room

  • A cozy blanket for naptime
  • A bag with extra clothes
  • Diapers if your child needs them for naptime or is still potty training

Please label your child’s belongings. You’ll need to be patient with us if we sometimes can’t find your child’s extra clothes. It’s helpful if you put them by their hook every day and replace them when they’re used. In the months ahead we’ll be helping your child develop their independence and self help skills. Activities like taking off and putting on shoes, putting on jackets “the Love Bug way” and pulling up pants are some basics. Clothing that is easily managed by your child will promote success and a feeling of accomplishment. Don’t hesitate to ask your Love Bug to show off their new skills. They take great pride in showing they can do it “all by myself.”

Please let us know about any changes in your child’s life and any illness or health issues. If there are any individuals who are NOT to pick up your child, let us know as well as the office. And don’t forget to sign them in and out every day!

We look forward to spending time with your child and appreciate your support.

Love Bug Daily Schedule

Time Activity Skill developing
6:30-7:15 Welcome in Love Bug Room, free play Prosocial behavior, sense of self
7:45-9:00 Breakfast Physical, social, self help skills
7:30-9:00 Small motor, tactile activities, free choice Small motor, symbolic thinking
9:00-10:00 Small group activities— Art, language, math, science, writing activities Language and literacy,cognitive, small motor
10:00-10:15 Large Group—Stories, songs Language and literacy
10:15-10:30 Transition—clean up, dress for outdoors Responsibility for self and others
10:30-11:15 Outside/gym/large muscle time Physical, gross motor development
11:15-11:30 Toileting, prepare for lunch Self help skills
11:30-12:00 Lunch Social skills, physical development
12:00-1:00 Large motor, book time, prepare for rest, toileting Self help, physical development, language and literacy
1:00-3:00 Nap Time Physical development, social skills, self help, language and literacy
2:00-3:00 Non-nap room—quiet activities
3:00-3:30 Wake up,toileting, books
3:30-3:45 Large group—stories, songs Prosocial behavior, language and literacy
3:45-4:00 Snack Social skills, physical development
4:00-5:00 Outside/Gym time Physical development,self help
5:00-5:30 Small motor, tactile activities, free choice Small motor
5:30-6:00 Cool Cat Room–art, small motor activities, goodbye Cognitive,social,language skills
Events Monday—Dancersize, Wednesday—Music with Barb