Music Class

CCCC offers a music class once a week for all ages.  Ron Gustafson provides these classes at CCCC.

About Ron:

Music 2015Ron Gustafson is a member of the Twin Cities’ own Teddy Bear Band.    The Teddy Bear Band provides children with entertainment, music and products that encourage each child to participate and interact in developmentally appropriate ways. As part of The Teddy Bear Band, Ron strives to help children gain and maintain a positive sense of self, as well as an appreciation of their own abilities with music that also nurtures learning and socialization.  Ron has been an Early Childhood teacher for many years for Minneapolis Public Schools.  He uses music as a catalyst to teach children those things they need to learn to be ready for school.  We are delighted to have Ron as part of our program.

Dance Class

CCCC offers a weekly dance class for children for an additional fee.  The classes are provided by Dancercise Kids.

The Dancercise Kids® mission is to help children build strong minds and happy hearts.  We do this by making fitness fun.  Whether it’s the basics of dance or creative movements, kids always have fun, and learn lifelong skills in Dancercise.Community Child Care Center

Kids have so much fun in class, they don’t even realize their adventures are also important lessons in manners, memorization, or even anatomy. (We won’t tell if you won’t!)

What they do experience is the joy of learning a new dance routine. Or the thrill of communicating with sign language. Most importantly, they learn they can accomplish anything if they try their best.